Student Helpers

For the 2011 Brazilian Association for Aerosol Research (BAAR) conference in Rio de Janeiro, we are looking for Student Helpers to assist with presentation preparations.

We are expecting 150-200 professionals at this conference and we want their experience to be as positive as possible.

As a Student Helper, you will receive a registration waiver. During the conference you will be helping in one or more sessions. There will be two Student Helpers assigned to each session. Since it is impossible for BAAR staff to attend each session, you are the organizers’ eyes and ears for each program.

The main role of a Student Helper is to assist with the preparations prior to the sessions. You will make sure that all the presentations are loaded on the computer, you know where the light switches are in the room, make sure the audio-visual system is working, and the microphones for questions from the attendees have batteries and are fully functional. If you find problems with the AV system, microphones, or lights you will have to notify the conference staff.

Prior to attending any sessions, each Student Helper should have already checked-in at the Registration Desk.

Please complete the attached form and submit it, together with proof of your student status, to [arantza (at) aerosol dot us] by July 5. We will contact you with our decision by July 9.

All the best Arantza Eiguren-Fernandez, Student Program Liaison Chair



We would like to thank the following supporters of the 2nd BAAR Conference 2011!

Petrobras TSI Incorporated
Droplet Measurement Technologies MSP Corporation Almont do Brasil
Governo do Rio de Janeiro INEA - Instituto Estadual do Ambiente
JCTM e Ecotech BGI