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Aerosol Science and Technology Enabling Energy Applications

Aerosol science and engineering is an enabling discipline and has application in a number of areas such as electronics, materials, pharmaceuticals, energy and environment. A subsection of this discipline deals with nanoparticles – the building blocks of nanotechnology. 

The presentation will discuss the global challenges of Energy and Environment, and how nanoparticle aerosol science and technology can enable advanced energy technology solutions.   The “energy space” can be divided into two parts – the “energy haves” and the “energy have-nots”.  Both these sectors have equal numbers of people, and are important vis a vis energy and environmental issues.  The “energy haves” need to develop strategies for improving energy efficiency; whereas the “energy have nots” have to rely on sustainable energy solutions.  The importance of the energy –environmental nexus will be highlighted.  Energy technologies applicable over multiple time scales – from current fossil fuel use (e.g., novel modalities in coal combustion), to transitionary bio-fuels production and usage, to sustainable solar energy technologies (novel nanostructured materials) will be discussed.    A common theme that will be presented includes the use of aerosol routes for synthesis of nanomaterials, that are now enabling energy applications.  Applications of fundamental concepts of aerosol science and engineering that aid in addressing this “global challenge problem” will be discussed.

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Invited Presentation
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Pratim Biswas
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Pratim Biswas
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Pratim Biswas